What does YESO’ mean?

YESÒ means YES to Organic, our belief.

Are YESO’ Cosmetics products natural and organic?

Yes, absolutely: we only use natural ingredients and our organic products are certified by NaTrue, Bioagricert and Vegan OK. Our certification bodies have strict international standards when it comes to organic: our products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, GMO derivatives, silicones, ethoxylated products and glycols.

Furthermore we decided to formulate without the use of synthetic dyes, aggressive surfactants such as SLS / SLES and without the use of alcohol to respect even the most delicate skins.

Are your organic products temperature-sensitive?

Yes, given our organic products are formulated with vegetable oils and extracts, sensitive to temperature, we recommend storing them at room temperature and away from sunlight to preserve their properties.

Is there alcohol in your organic products?

No, all of our organic products do not contain alcohol. We chose not to include alcohol in our formulas to respect even the most sensitive skins.

Do you use natural fragrances?

The fragrances chose for our products are natural as required by our organic certification bodies. In respect of those who prefer fragrance free products we formulated five beauty oils and an eye contour creme that is lightly scented with its natural chamomile extract.

Where can I find the complete list of ingredients?

Each product has a detailed list of ingredients on the label, packaging and website.

Each of your organic products has a different color, why?

Unlike other conventional products on the market, our organic cosmetics are free of synthetic dyes, so they reflect the actual color of their ingredients.

What is the shelf life of YESO’ Cosmetics products?

On each label there is the PAO symbol “Period After Opening” that shows the shelf life of the product once it is opened, given our products have a lifespan longer than 30 months from the date of manufacture. We recommend storing them at room temperature and away from sunlight to preserve their characteristics and properties.

Why do you choose airless packaging?

We selected a clear airless packaging because since air is not allowed into the product container, it protects the product from contamination and you always know how much of it you have left.

Do you still have questions? Contact us at info@yeso.bio